Create a new "mechanism"
with intellectual inquiry.
- Business creation using data analysis and algorithms -

We are the intellectual explorers create the new values by reforming
and creating ways of working and the status of companies
with our unique ALGORITHMIC orientation.

Our Business
Major Business Activities

Media Business

Media Business

We spread the various products and services to the world using contents and advertisements by pursuit of customer needs.
We manage various media for the life, including related to beauty and women's lifestyles, and job changes.
We also utilize our knowledge of content marketing cultivated through our own media to jointly manage web media in partnership with companies.
DX Business

DX Business

We support the DX of medical institutions such as clinics and hospitals, which are rapidly moving online.
We provide a one-stop service from consulting to system provision and customer attraction, utilizing the digital customer attraction and monetization methods for medical institutions that we have developed in our media business.
We also support the creation of new revenue through media operations that utilize the client's assets.

Our Business

ALGORITHM is "mechanism creater" solves social issues, armed with digital marketing. Our mission is "Create the new mechanisms with intellectual inquiry." and we will contribute to society by taking an interest in and exploring various fields. Started from the media business, we have begun to take on new challenges such as the DX business for medical institutions by utilizing our marketing strengths cultivated through media management and web advertising operations.

About us
Company info

Company Name Algorithm Inc.
Main Office TOC Bldg. 11F #3, 7-22-17, Nishigotanda, Shinagawa-ku, Tokyo location_on map
President&Representative Director
Katsumata Atsushi
Capital 358.94 million yen
(Including Capital Reserves)
Number of Employees 30 people(Including Outsourcing)
Major Business Activities Media Business / DX Business
Member of the Board of Directors
President&Representative Director
Katsumata Atsushi

Executive Vice President
Kaneda Takuya

Director CFO
Tomishige Masahide
Full-time Auditor
Kuwamura Nobuhiko
(Former Sony Internal Audit Department)
Management Support
Senior Advisor
Yoda Yasunori
Major ShareholdersManagers / SMBC Venture Capital Co., Ltd. / Innovation Engine Inc. / AirTrip Corp. (First Section of the Tokyo Stock Exchange) / Vector Group Co., Ltd. (First Section of the Tokyo Stock Exchange) / Trenders, Inc. ( TSE Mothers) etc.

Recruitment Information

We are looking for members want to leap over your own area of expertise,
to reinforce us taking on the challenge of creating a mechanism
that creates new values for all users involved.
Join us and create new values by fully demonstrating your power!

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